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Vivens Joachim Column Picture ProfileHaiti In Our Heart!
By: Doudou Joachim, NTK contributor

Seriously! It’s 2013 and Haiti has yet to receive international acceptance for its strengths, its rich culture, and the vibrancy of its people. Whose fault is it? Mine. Yours. His. Hers. Ours. As BIC song’s well pointed out “Se Nou.” Personally, I have seen, heard of, or lived nearby so many Haitians who are scholarly blinded by their own intelligence. Such an impasse to economic, political, pedagogical, and technological growth has led VJMVP, and all those who wish to lend a helping hand, to launch a campaign (or a network of think-tank) to utilize the web to connect all. The new tag name of this site: "We Connect - Nou Tout Konekte" is the result of a deep recognition that we have been disconnected for too long. In fact, we have created niches of inefficiencies in our businesses, our managing styles, our social lives, our communities, and do not take advantage of our proud cultural abundance. I guess what I am trying to say is that we don’t accept us for “what and who” we are. We don’t embrace our culture, we don’t dissect it to understand its part, and make correction where and when necessary. More than often, we simply reject it. Many will fault bad government, bad leaders, un- patriotism, corruption, lack of a solid education system, etc. The truth of the matter is it’s all of the above plus many more. If, as Prime Minister Laurent Salvador Lamothe stated in his recent press conference in Boston, MA, that 85% of Haiti’s intellectuals are outside of Haiti, and they are acting as observers instead of contributors, how will Haiti ever be able to solve its legions of problems? Else, if we, as a nation, continue to promote individualism versus collectivism, not in their macro-economic or capitalism sense; in other words, everybody has similar business ideas, similar social-economic ideas, and do not synergize for the country’s greater good, how do we expect to evolve to 21st century’s standard? Albeit a lack of overall consensus as to how to “get there” existed among them, J.J. Dessalines, Toussaint L., and H. Christophe provided us a path. In a very selfish kind of way, we have somehow done our best to mess it up by lessening everything Haitians. Again, I cannot think of a better way to put this through words without referencing the lyric of one of BIC songs: “Le sage ne dit pas ce qu’il sait, le sot ne sait pas pas ce qu’il dit, et moi je vous dis ce que j’ai vu, etc...” USA, LLC
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In launching “Nou Tout Konekte," the hope is to re-energize those who have given up, those who have adopted a culture not of their own heritage, those who have come to believe there is a shame in accepting their true self which is Haitian of different shapes and forms, those who put their self-interest ahead of the country as a whole. This project will start by using the many talents of our young Haitians whose parents are aware of our many cultural miscues and wish to address it through music videos, video shows, and other web broadcasting activities. There are and will be many other means to achieve similar objectives. We have chosen this path. Please land a helping hand to bring all our resources together for a better Haiti. Find an organization with a good reputation to volunteer your time. Find a community or social event to engage in. I could list quite a few here, but, that will be bias on my part. I will leave that up to you to decide. Believe that you have it in you the wisdom and the intellectual capabilities to make a change. It just needs to start somewhere. If you need a spark, ask your neighbor for a lighter. Be Haitians with all that comes with it. I don't know, but that’s what patriotism seems to mean. It that what it mean to you? I will say good bye for now and ask that you think about this simple quote: “Tout savoir n’a le mérite d’exister que si il est partagé.” Source:

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Love, peace, patriotism, paske Nou Tout Konekte!

Urgently, put Haiti in Your Heart!

nou tout konekte fancy fashion line
nou tout konekte fancy fashion line
nou tout konekte
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