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Vivens Joachim Column Picture ProfileHaitians have become smarter slaves, don’t you think?
By:Vivens Joachim, NTK Contributor

In my humble opinion, I think Haitians living abroad have become smarter slaves within a more complex, sophisticated, and well-planned system. For years, countries like the USA, France, and Canada have preached around the world the fundamentals of freedom for all, human rights, and equity or equality amongst all people. While in the surface, these are indeed some of the fundamental rights that all human-beings should have, but for whom these basic rights apply to in today’s geopolitical atmosphere? Are they simply for Americans, for French, or for Canadians only? Isn’t it a bit too obvious that there More>>

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HTN fait un appel pour demander au gouvernement Haïtien a ce que les habitants de l'Ile A Vache soient considérés comme des actionnaires dans les divers projets de développement économiques de la zone. On verra comment ça va aller ! Aussi, HTN demande aux leaders religieux de comprendre qu'Haïti n'est pas SEULEMENT un pays où l'on pratique le Voodoo. Haïti est beaucoup plus que ça, n'est-ce-pas       Rencontre du President Martelly avec President Obama. KLASS performed You Don't Want Me in Stamford, CT. La Diplomacie active en Haiti depuis 2011. La porte d'Africe est ouverte a Haiti       Festival international en Haiti, a Jacmel, ete 2013. An event organized by both Ministe du Touriste and Ministre de la Culture.       Haitian Flag Day, Bible vs Patriotism, 2nd part of Press Conference by Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Salvador Lamothe at Roxbury Community College in Boston, MA       Part I - Interview with Haitian-born Hollywood actor Jimmy Jean-Louis       Eric Virgal Live in Stamford brought to you by CABORIBBEAN FUSION
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Comment ameliorer ton problème de transpiration excessive?

La transpiration excessive qui se manifeste souvent dans la zone des paumes, également appelée hyperhidrose palmaire, est probablement la forme la plus ennuyeuse de cette maladie. Les glandes sudoripares sur les paumes des mains sont les seules dans le corps humain qu`on peut contrôler par notre volonté et nos pensées. Mais si vous souffrez de la transpiration excessive, vous perdez la capacité de contrôler la transpiration des paumes et cela son intensité et son minutage. Il en résulte alors un problème avant tout social et de travail. Puisque la sueur vraiment goutte des mains, il est difficile de rester calme en serrant la main, ce qui rend problème encore pire.

La transpiration excessive des pieds peut se cacher mieux par rapport du cas précédent. Mais si on ferme les jambes dans les chaussures hermétiques, nous courons un risque d`infestation de la peau par des moisissures et des parasites qui aiment l`environnement humide. Si nous choisissons des pantoufles ou des sandales, les pieds glissent et grâce à la sueur ils se salissent très rapidement. En outre, par la décomposition des bactéries dans la sueur naît une odeur désagréable. La peau troublée et irritée ne laisse pas attendre longtemps.

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Many of HTN past shows have been moved to my Youtube Channel "vivensj". Subscribe to receive weekly update.

Nou Tout Konekte! The goal here is simple: Connect all for greater achievements. Haitians have been disconnected for far too long. Whether it's a bit of selfishness, we have too many of our folks willing to promote similar causes, and not trying to work together. Synergistically, we can do a lot together. Take one's self pride away. Bring a common sense of Haitian proudness to our living room, to our dinner table, to our social gathering, to our strategic planning and investment. Etc... It's 2014! Haiti has been behind for far too long. We have many intellectuals. Do we have geniuses? I believe we do. They need to start showing up to work. What should we do to achieve what Israel has done? What can we do to achieve what Bahamas has done? Let's move to connect our common causes for a better Haiti. Haiti just made one small step by having its first Cardinal nominated by Pope Francis. We've been cleared by the US as a safe country for investors to bring their business in Haiti. We can sense that the resilient folks of Haiti started to believe that the country is on the right track, finally. The current government seems to want to sell the country as a better place than most in recent memory. Let's continue to make Haiti a central part of our planning, of our investment, of our prayers, and of our support. Haiti surely needs all the help it can gets. Let's bombard Haiti with love!

Engage! Patriotism! Haiti in our Heart forever!

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Economic News: Below is an economic chart showing the trend in unemployment rate in the United States of America...

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B-Man Joachim Column Picture ProfileHaiti through the eyes of a 15 year-old Haitian-American.
By:B-Man Joachim, NTK Contributor

I must tell you that sleeping in Haiti was an adventure of its own because I got bitten by mosquitoes every night. I was even in a race with my sister to see who had the most bites. I won. Yeah! Yeah! That was the most mosquitoes bites I have ever had at one time. These mosquitoes must have liked me. I provided them with fresh American blood. Those little suckers, I can never forget them. I’m going back to Haiti with my bug spray to go to war with them. I invite you all to come too. Seriously though, all Haitians living abroad should make an effort to go visit every time that they have a chance. That will be good for Haiti’s tourism, Haiti’s economy, and much more. I’m only 15 years-old and I’m not working yet. You, if you are working, I know you have the money, don’t make me come after you to use my Duvalier’s Kung Fu Panda power to force you to buy your airline ticket to go visit. Yes, I know about the Duvalier’s trick. More>>

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