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Haitian Youth Editions (H.Y.E.) is a movement (a group, if one wants to label it this way) to engage our youths in the more pressing issues (social, economic, educational, political, cultural, technological, and entertaining) that affect them daily. One approach is to provide them with a simple platform to express themselves humbly with respect and dignity by writing simple and engaging articles that ultimately attract our natural curiosity to ask and to learn. Another approach is to expose their talents through broadcasting means currently available to all, from the internet to their IPods, their Androids, their IPads, their computers, or Google Hangouts, etc... The goal is to be seen and be visible anywhere in the world, especially in places where Haitian’s culture and history is either misinterpreted, or unknown, or simply misrepresented. To become a member, the basic requirements are: 1) anyone from 6 to 30+ years-old, depending on the group’s needs; 2) if someone is less than 18 years of age, parents or guardians' permission is a must; 3) having a passion to improve oneself, and to motivate others to do the same.

H.Y.E.’s message to you all is: Be Involved! Be Engaged! Paske Nou Tout Konekte!

By the way, similarly to what Nou Tout Konekte wishes to accomplish by reaching out to all to contribute, H.Y.E. will accept articles and funny sketches in English, French, or Haitian Creole. Hover your mouse over the member's name below to see their pictures. Eventually, the shows and articles published by each member will be made available to you all right here. Remember to send your feedback in the comment section. That’s the only way we’ll know the true impact of our mission. As a friend of the movement puts it in Portuguese: “Paz, amor, sucesso, porque estamos todoa conectado!,” we’ll leave it up to you to find the French, Creole, or English translation (hint: articles on home page) or wherever the click of your mouse leads you. Mdr…

The H.Y.E. and the Nou Tout Konekte Team!

Peace! Love! Success! Paske Nou Tout Konekte!

Bianca CharlesValdis LortheNupsie ExantusGaetcha DeslourchesVivens JoachimDorothie LimaNannie CharlesClarens ClementPerpetua ClementJeffrey Jean Lima

Members of the Haitian Youth Editions (HYE) founded October 2011

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