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What is “Nou Tout Konekte?”

Mission Statement: It's definitely not a movement or a revolution. It's a fundamental way of thinking to provide people a holistic way to understand Haiti, its culture, its people, its strengths and weaknesses. Simply, Nou Tout Konekte means to enlighten most about what Haiti is, the strong culture we have, and best of it all how our history shaped the way for freedom for many countries in the Western Hemisphere, in Africa, and we know the battle of Savannah in 1779 where through the leadership of Compte D'Estaing, 500 Haitian soldiers helped the United States of America against the mighty British army in the American Revolutionary War. See! Our mission equates information, knowledge, and a vision to teach others, learn from others, and to put Haiti in Our Heart.

Motto: You Shouldn’t Expect Less Paske ou Enpòtan!

Goals and Objectives: Try to effectively convince Haitians to understand that “synergy” may be our best chance to move into the future with better economic opportunities, a stronger education system for Haitians, a stable political platform or system that calls for more genuine dialogue about where we have failed as a nation, what lessons to draw from our mistakes, and how to simply move the country forward. We all have to realize that it’s incumbent upon ourselves to help improve the image of “The Pearl of the Antilles.” The way VJMVP | Nou Tout Konekte expects to achieve most of its goals and to stay away from rhethorical sustainability is through simple interviews, simple videos, simple web shows, and to engage the Haitian Youths in the process 100% of the time. That’s where we believe we can make a lasting impact. We’ll invite all with good intents, great heart and interest to see Haiti evolve to invest their know-how to teach one another, to reach out to one another, to respect one another, to accept one another, and to learn together how best to put Haiti in our heart. If as one puts it that our conscience is the voice of God in our Heart, think about putting Haiti in our Heart now after it has been abandoned for far too long. No one to blame here but a lack of emphasis of patriotism, a lack of civic education, and a lack of understanding and accepting Haitians for who we are, a nation full of strengths and weaknesses. We all know the resiliency of our people. We know they all seek for better opportunities for themselves and for their loves one. We’ve got to make it the central part of our strategic thinking to know that when “Nou Tout Konekte,” we stand a better chance to achieve economic and social freedom for our people.

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History: If your first contact with us is online, you should know that the company was first established in late 2009 after we finished producing our not-for-sale album KOURAJ.That's an irony, isn't it? A shift in vision has happened. A better vision that can produce more effective results. Anyway, after a quick glance at some music videos and movies produced within the Haitian Community, we realized for the most part that something was missing: Professionalism, Planning, and Patience. Those three "P's" are what it usually takes to have a balanced and well-produced small-budget video or film project. The irony is that the knowledge and desire to satisfy an audience are there. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same, without hesitation, when it comes to the actors, the screen writers, the producers, the directors, and all the other important pieces of production materials that are necessary to present a well-thought project to the public. While the latter instances can be absent as a result of cultural imbalances, not enough trainings, budget restraints, and unavailable proper assets, those three P's, if present, could nonetheless make a big difference. The problem seems to be that many producers and directors want to rush productions all the time. An idea pops in their head, and they start calling friends and family members about when and how they'll start a film or video project. Within weeks, video shooting starts, and improvisation becomes the compass of how their projects will eventually end. As a result, they put a lot of bad products out there. Anyone who's honest will attest to this statement. We can and should do better. VJMVP | Nou Tout Konekte will not fall into such category simply because we are learning from the industry's best teachers at Adobe, and we will continue to learn, to study, and to apply the industry's standard for video and short-film productions into our work. Our passion to improve and our desire to please you will drive our objective to make our services reasonably cheap in that your only financial commitment will come from purchasing items sold on the site through third-party vendors and affiliates. We’ll partner with vendors that are legit, well recognized, and have very strong moral and ethical values that match our own. We’ll make sure what they tell you are what you’ll get with safety and zero privacy concerns. If you see ad banners or text links for an ad, you can rest assured we have checked them ourselves, and often we’ve bought satisfactorily through them. By the way, you’ll see familiar vendor names on our sites, like Wal-Mart, Microsoft, Apple, Tiger Direct, Localphone, NY Times, and many others. That should tell you something, right! At “Nou Tout Konekte,” we’ll also promote the work of those we sincerely believe are advancing Haitian causes, Haitian concerns, Haitian culture, and a more peaceful world for all. You’ll become familiar with our Youth Haitian Editions, our Staff members, our Contributors, our Writers, and all those who contribute to make us the catalyst of change we seek to become. Trust us to serve you. We promise not to disappoint.

Love! Peace! Success Paske Nou tout Konekte!
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Vivens Joachim - CEO

Vivens Joachim

I am Vivens Joachim (Doudou), born in Haiti, and immigrated to the US in 1994. I hold a Master Degree in Business Administration with a special focus in Information Technology. Weird! Hm! Anyhow, I have been working as a Management Analyst for the Stamford Public Schools since 2004. In 2012, I have also been give the responsibility of being the Purchasing Agent for the Stamford Public Schools. I am happily married to Ainsley B. Joachim. We have two wonderful kids, Bervens Joachim 19, and Pascale Joachim 17. Both are great kids, and we love them very, very much.

Jean-Bernard Toussaint - Board Member

Jean-Bernard Toussaint

Biography: Born Jean-Bernard Toussaint on January 1st in Haiti, W.I. Moved to the United States of America in 1991. Married and has 3 wonderful children, Biby, Bruna, and Tobens. Loves soccer, Kompa, Zouk, and classical songs. Enjoys comedy and action movies. Is and has always practiced his Christian belief wherever life has taken him. Has a very uplifting attitude about life. His favorite quote: "Laugh, love, joy, and happiness".

Ainsley B. Joachim - My Wife

Ainsley Bosquet

The Queen! What you see here is real and that's the reason why my relationship with that beautiful lady will survive the hardships of life. Our love is real. The way this woman has affected my life is purely and unpredictably divine. She has loved me in ways that only she knows how. Although I have resisted her love at time, trying to maintain my manhood, I have come to realize that her love is pure and natural. Why resists what is? That was insane, wasn't it? Anyway, while I have helped her to understand life many intricacies, not to fight any unwinnable arguments, to tolerate more, and to live with the many failures of human's nature, she has remained my true partner and I love her dearly. Xoxo always, Ben!


Bervens Joachim - My Son

Bervens Joachim

Oh Bervens! Weren't you just yesterday that yeh high? This boy is just what every father hopes to have. Sorry world! I was first in line and I am the winner of this divine prize: A son who is more than great. Boy, you have inherited something special, a gene that combines both intelligence and grace, a gene that produces the kind of comprehension, humility, and love that makes you unique. As long as you remain that kind of person, you'll continue to grow exponentially. Be honest. Be straight forward. Be independent minded. Be truthful. I love you Prince B-man.



Pascale Joachim - My Daughter

Pascale Joachim

This is a picture of my lovely and cute daughter Pascale. One can tell she is a well-mannered and wonderful child. I could have not hoped for another daughter as playful and loving as she is. I have a future superstar in the family. My pension is all but secure. Oh Yeah! Seriously, look at that smile. This is the kind that makes a father proud. I love you Princess PJ. USA, LLC