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Vivens Joachim Column Picture ProfileHaiti In Our Heart!
By: Doudou Joachim, NTK contributor

Seriously! It’s 2013 and Haiti has yet to receive international acceptance for its strengths, its rich culture, and the vibrancy of its people. Whose fault is it? Mine. Yours. His. Hers. Ours. As BIC song’s well pointed out “Se Nou.” Personally, I have seen, heard of, or lived nearby so many Haitians who are scholarly blinded by their own intelligence. Such an impasse to economic, political, pedagogical, and technological growth has led VJMVP, and all those who wish to lend a helping hand, to launch a campaign (or a network of think-tank) to utilize the web to connect all. The new tag name of this site: "We Connect - Nou Tout Konekte" is the result of a deep recognition that have been disconnected Read more

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Passy Joachim Column Picture ProfileWhat I remember about Haiti!
By: Passy Joachim, NTK contributor

In 2009, I took a vacation with my family to Haiti and that was my first time there. Of everything that I remember, this is a few of it: Haiti is an island in the Caribbean that shares its land with the Dominican Republic. The weather seems to always be hot, ranging between 27 and 40 degrees, which is strange to me because we have higher temperature in the US in the high 80’s to 100’s. So something seems to be wrong with Haiti’s thermometer thingies. We need to send some American meteorologists to Haiti to fix the weather measurement process there. By the way, have you guys seen the movie "Dumb and Dumber?" I’m just saying. Anyway, to get back to my initial thought, Read more

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