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Souffrent de transpiration excessive?

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This page used to feature a CSPAN's like channel for Haiti Government to talk about its agenda. The Live Stream channel has been removed (shutdown). I think that's part of the new normal in today's political environment as the U.S. government is facing its own shutdown. Just kidding...Kidding aside, Haiti will eventually become a vibrant and prosperous nation. Educate to Change. Challenge our Mind. Synergize. Connect all our resources for a better tomorrow. That's just simply the right thing to do for our country, for our kids, and for the world. There's no reason for Haiti and its people to continue the path of constant political and economic instabilities. Enough is enough! Let's move to change Haiti and the world. Kouraj! Paix! Union! Love Paske Nou Tou Konekte!

A question to you all, do you like to dance? Just watch the video below and dance along. It's a fun video taken while I was shooting a music video. Enjoy!

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Excessive sweating is an illness and can be treated!